Under Pressure: Interest Rates, Regulation and
More Put the Squeeze on Insurance Products
Interest rates are low and look to stay that way forcing all kinds of tumult in the life insurance industry.   Reserving rules have changed and there’s a new mortality table coming on line at year end.  The world is changing and how your business operates has to adapt to the new normal.  We will give you guidance and what to look out for given this massive set of changes in our industry.  You will get armed with the intel you’ll need to navigate the challenges and to cultivate the opportunities that are created amidst the chaos.

Bottom Line? These market conditions are all playing out during one of the longest bull markets in history, and that singular fact is likely to change everything.

Join Justin Smith, Principal and Managing General Agent at Cavalier Associates as he talks through all of these issues and, more importantly, how you will be prepared to present thoughtful, flexible insurance recommendations for your new and existing clients. It’s a session you will not want to miss.

Key Topics Include:

  • How in force IUL policy cash values are impacted by the significant cap reductions seen over the past 5 years
  • Understanding how the bull market may change the highest and best use of existing life insurance cash value
  • How to take advantage of additional funding capacity on in force policies
  • Repurposing current insurance policies may unlock more effective planning and new sale opportunities

Justin Smith is the founder of Balanced Strategies, LLC and is also a Principal and Managing General Agent of Cavalier Associates, a national, life insurance brokerage general agency and leading member of Advantage Insurance Network. Justin is a founding Principal of America’s Top Planner™. He serves as a member of various industry groups including AALU and has served as a board member of Forum 400 as well as his local Society of Financial Services Professionals chapter.