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Life Insurance Planning Trends for the Affluent
If there is one thing that we can say about the last twelve months from an insurance and financial planning perspective it’s that change, while difficult at times, creates opportunity. Part of that process is identifying the “pivot” that may need to be made in certain markets, and to help us explore how that played out in 2018 and look forward into 2019 and even 2020.

Join Cavalier Associates as we sit down with Justin Smith to discuss the challenges, opportunities and planning pivots the next 24 months may hold for advisors and their clients. Topics include:
  • The interest rate environment and yield curve
  • The 2017 CSO and Principles-Based Reserve transition playing out over the balance of 2019
  • Navigating the increasingly complex Indexed UL product landscape
  • AG 49 Part II: What does the early work on the next set of illustration regulation tell us?
  • The impact of tax law changes on the planning process: What are you seeing in the field?
Justin Smith is the founder of Balanced Strategies, LLC and is also a Principal and Managing General Agent of Cavalier Associates, a national, life insurance brokerage general agency and leading member of Advantage Insurance Network. Justin is a founding Principal of America’s Top Planner™. He serves as a member of various industry groups including AALU and has served as a board member of Forum 400 as well as his local Society of Financial Services Professionals chapter.
Tuesday, May 7th
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
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