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  The Cavalier Strategy Podcast
Listen to the most recent podcasts from subject matter experts that cover planning issues that apply to the middle, mass affluent, affluent and older-age markets.

EPISODE 3: Estate Planning Best Practices in Uncertain Times
The rapid pace of change to the estate tax over the last decade has allowed many clients to effectively bury their heads in the sand regarding this near-certain future liability. Justin Smith joins the Cavalier Strategy Podcast to share his thoughts on how one of the best estate tax planning opportunities in history may be slipping through the fingers of those clients.
EPISODE 2: The New Policy Review Standard
Insurance policy review has long been a subject that is discussed far more often than it is executed. In this episode, Justin Smith walks through why today’s environment is a unique opportunity to deliver good news to clients: Their cash value insurance is performing well and now might be the best time in years to revisit the strategy to see if it continues to match their current planning needs.
EPISODE 1: Embracing the New Fiduciary Reality
Late 2020 sees many in the life insurance wondering how to comply with Regulation 187 out of New York regarding Best Interest and Suitability. The Cavalier Strategy Podcast welcomes back Justin Smith to discuss how embracing this new regulatory standard in advance of it being more broadly adopted can create a competitive advantage and place the insurance focused advisor on the same plane as other advisors.