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Implementing De-Risked Premium Financed Life Insurance Transactions
Financed life insurance has gained the attention of many advisors and consumers. For some, it is an attractive solution to the question of how to fund life insurance premiums in the most efficient manner possible. For those planners that have remained skeptical on the use of premium financing and for those that have engaged it as a useful tool, this session will prove valuable, as we discuss essential factors to focus on what can de-risk a financing structure. We will cover intelligent design of the financed life insurance product as well as the lending structure, and discuss ways that de-risked life insurance financing can be successfully implemented into your practice.

Topics Include:
  • Making the most appropriate product selection
  • Designing a sustainable structure with the best built-in protections for the client
  • Choosing the best loan structure
  • Managing the platform for long-term success
Justin Smith is the founder of Balanced Strategies, LLC and is also a Principal and Managing General Agent of Cavalier Associates, a national, life insurance brokerage general agency and leading member of Advantage Insurance Network. Justin is a founding Principal of America’s Top Planner™. He serves as a member of various industry groups including AALU and has served as a board member of Forum 400 as well as his local Society of Financial Services Professionals chapter.
Thursday, September 28
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
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