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Recent Case Successes


  • Applying for Long Term Care with one of our insurance carriers
  • Electronic Application submitted on 3/19/20
  • Worked closely with our partners at the carrier to schedule the phone interview and clear contracting requirements immediately
  • Phone interview scheduled for 3/27/20
  • Went back to our contacts at the carrier to push underwriting
  • Case Approved and issued 3/31/20
  • $100,000 single pay – $8,000 in commission
  • 8 working days to completed submission, phone interview, underwriting, and policy issue


  • Applying for $1,000,000 of Indexed Universal Life Insurance
  • Application submitted on 3/20/20
  • Policy approved 3/27/20 as Standard Plus due to family history guidelines
  • Our Chief Underwriter stepped in and was able to negotiate a Preferred Offer.
  • 5 working days to complete app submission, underwriting, negotiation, and policy approval.


  • Death Benefit: $2,485,065 Amount to Seller: $1,200,000
  • After discussing his policy with their financial advisor, the insured and his daughter decided that it was no longer needed for his estate plan and was considering surrendering it to pull out the cash value.
  • The policy was owned by the insured's daughter, and she decided to explore the option of a life settlement.
  • Due to his advanced age and medical history, our provider partner was able to help him and his family almost double the cash surrender value of the policy with a final Life Settlement value of $1,200,000.